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Hier sind die Erfindungen von Karl Drais aufgelistet, von denen Prototypen oder Publikationen belegt sind. Drais' Wortschöpfungen sind kursiv gekennzeichnet.

Year Invention
1810 approximate solution for numerical equations of n-th degree
1812 piano recorder recording on a paper band, also the volume
1813 4-wheeled Driving Machine One with treadmill between rear wheels. One passenger treads looking backward
(reaction to beginning crop failures in 1812 and high price of oats)
1813 binary algorithm for calculating square-roots
1814 4-wheeled Driving Machine Two with crankshaft between rear wheels. One passenger treads looking forward.
1816 Conversion Machine for surveyors enabling graphic transformation of areas
1816 Elevation Perspective, a periscope
1817 two-wheeler principle of the Running Machine with brass bushings and innovative friction brake
(reaction to starving horses due to crop failure of snow summer 1816 caused by Tambora eruption)
1817 2- and 3-wheeled Running Machines with ladies' seat in front. Tandem Running Machine
1821 Writing Machine, earliest typewriter with a keyboard, 25 keys for embossed or punched letters on a paper tape
(reaction to father's loss of sight)
1829 Fast Writing Machine, earliest stenograph on a punched tape, 16 keys
1831 coach pulled by two horses each in front and rear to suppress dust
1833 secret writing
1833 wood-saving stove with heat-exchanging flue, also smoke-cooling pipe
1834 coach pushed from the rear by one horse to suppress dust
1834 Cooking Machine, a wood-saving cooker with pot insulation (earliest haybox)
1843 railway draisine with treadmill for operation by foot
(the earliest one was the two-wheeler on one rail by Viennese Bernard of 1837 - which explains the name)

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