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Kandern 1801

Bild: Forester's house in Kandernbr /Photo Volker G. Scheer
Forester's house in Kandern
Photo Volker G. Scheer
Father Drais marries a second time - a lady of the court from Giessen in Hassia. In autumn the family visits the southern part of black forest and the forester's house of Kandern Bild: The Golden Boarbr /Photo Volker G. Scheer
The Golden Boar
Photo Volker G. Scheer
where a golden drinking-vessel shaped like a wild boar is kept since two hundred years, the golden boar of Kandern. In the accompanying welcome book entries of the Drais family are extant - this is the first known autograph by Karl Drais. The father starts with a poem wherein he uses a law term, Scheinwerk or pretence, that is a simulated fact or fata morgana:

Since two-hundred years around
To empty with a pleasing sound
Is your commendable task.
First let's be more than pretence
Then with friendship's fair praises
Even with sweet dalliance
Cordially enjoy and enjoy double
Father Drais, 46

Entirely I join in to the husband.
Friederike von Drais, born von Rotberg, 42

So well no boar did please me yet.
Amalie von Drais, 15

Oh, how much am I today enjoyed
If only the world will be once delighted.
Karl von Drais, 16 Bild: Facsimile from the welcome book (GLA Karlsruhe)
Facsimile from the welcome book (GLA Karlsruhe)

Contentment is our greatest luck
Who possesses this entirely
Shall thank it to his destiny
Karoline von Drais, 12

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